For, a digital health product company specializing in smartwatches, we created a vibrant website with a secure login system and an efficient monthly recurring billing feature, enhancing customer convenience and streamlining purchases.

SaaS, Healthcare
Web Design, Web Development

🚀 Pioneering Digital Health Solutions: At White Mountain Solutions, we had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with Domo Health, an innovator in digital health products. Our task was to design a website that not only showcases their advanced smartwatches but also provides a seamless and secure user experience for their customers.

🔑 Secure Customer Login System: Understanding the importance of privacy and security in the health sector, we implemented a robust login system on Domo Health's website. This feature allows customers to access their profiles securely, manage their smartwatch settings, and view health data with complete privacy.

💳 Streamlined Monthly Billing: Recognizing the need for hassle-free transactions, we integrated a monthly recurring billing system. This feature simplifies the purchase process for Domo Health's customers, enabling them to subscribe to services and receive regular updates without repetitive payment procedures.

🖥️ User-Friendly Website Interface: The website's design focuses on user-friendliness and accessibility. We ensured that navigating through the product offerings, features, and customer accounts is intuitive and straightforward, making the digital experience as healthy and beneficial as the products themselves.

🕒 Smartwatch Showcase: Central to the website is the showcase of Domo Health's smartwatches. We created a visually appealing and informative section where customers can explore the various features and benefits of each product, aiding in their purchasing decisions.

🔗 Seamless Integration of Services: The combination of the secure login system and recurring billing is seamlessly integrated with the website's overall design and functionality. This integration provides a cohesive and user-friendly experience, from exploring products to managing purchases and subscriptions.

In partnering with Domo Health, White Mountain Solutions has delivered a web solution that not only highlights the innovative nature of digital health products but also enhances the overall customer journey. Our efforts in creating a secure, efficient, and engaging digital platform play a crucial role in connecting customers with the health benefits of Domo Health's smartwatches. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of digital health and customer convenience.