Cutting Edge CRM

With powerful features like client management, scheduling, and analytics, CuttingEdge CRM sets new standards for CRM efficiency. Together, we drive innovation and success in CRM solutions.

New brand
Custom Software, Web Design, Logo
Cutting Edge CRM

This collaboration brought cutting-edge technology to the forefront, with a comprehensive suite of features that redefine CRM capabilities.

💼 Simplified Finances: The web app empowers CuttingEdge CRM with a sophisticated financial system. Users can seamlessly send invoices and estimates via email and SMS, allowing for quick and convenient transactions. Moreover, the integration of credit card payment processing enables the acceptance of deposits and payments with ease.

📱 Customized Client Portal: Our whitelabel client portal enables CuttingEdge CRM to offer a personalized and branded experience to its customers. With this feature, clients can access relevant information, collaborate effortlessly, and stay updated on project progress.

📋 Streamlined Work Orders: The inclusion of work orders provides a structured and organized approach for staff, enhancing productivity and ensuring smooth project execution. Tasks are managed efficiently, keeping the team on track to meet deadlines and deliver exceptional results.

📊 Dashboard and Analytics: CuttingEdge CRM gains valuable insights into their business operations through a comprehensive dashboard and analytics module. Data-driven decisions are now made with ease, as this feature offers real-time performance metrics and analysis.

At White Mountain Solutions, we take pride in our partnership with CuttingEdge CRM, providing them with a web app and marketing website that reflects their commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. Our collaboration has elevated their CRM capabilities, equipping them to conquer new heights of success in the industry. Let us continue to forge ahead together, as we redefine CRM excellence in the digital landscape.

🌐 Web App Excellence: We developed a state-of-the-art web app using React, Google Cloud Platform, and Node, ensuring a seamless user experience and optimal performance. The web app offers an array of powerful tools, including a client manager to streamline interactions, advanced scheduling for precise planning, and timesheets for efficient employee management.